Spinosaurus was the largest land carnivore ever. It appeares in the first episode of Monsters Resurrected.



Spinosaurus was the world's greatest mystery. for years the skeleton was not complete, Scientist`s have been trying to piece together what it actually was. Spinosaurus is a dinosaur with huge claws, a long snout and a sail on its back. Spinosaurus was the longest and largest land carnivore ever, they could reach 55-65 feet in length and at least 9 tonnes in weight in 20 years. But based on some research data, Spinosaurus believed to be even bigger. As the Spinosaurus which shown in the beginning of the episode, it's head being shown even slightly bigger than that 11 feet underage Rugops. In this episode, It is seen killing a Rugops after it killed a baby Paralititan. It then chases a Rugops and kills it. It is also seen walking towards Sarcosuchus and slashes the croc apart. Then, we see it attack a teenage Paralititan before being smacked in the face. It deafets Carcaharodontosaurus by smacking it in the face, but at the end was killed and eaten by a pack of Rugops when he wants to steal a dead Paralititan.

1: Spinosaurus was an Allosaurus with a sail down it`s back.

2: It was a 41 to 60 foot (12.5 to 18.2 metre) hyper carnivore that was fast, bipedal, and ate both dinosaurs and fish.

Length: 60 feet (18. 2 metres)

Height: 20 feet (6.1 meters)

Weight:9.5 tons

Location: Egypt, Morroco, Niger.

Timeline: around 101 to 90 mya

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  • The Spinosaurus skeleton was, sadly, destroyed by bombers in WWII.
  • Spinosaurus was used to hunting fish, not dinosaurs.
  • The Spinosaurus in the series was depicted to be more powerful and fearsome than it actually was.
  • In 2014, Spinosaurus was reconstructed and now depicted with short hind legs, able to walk in a quadripedal stance, and being mostly aquatic. The sail has been changed from round-like to trapezoid-like.
  • Spinosaurus was shown to pronate its hands, something it couldn't do in real life without breaking its wrist.