Tenontosaurus was a large iguanodontian ornithopod dinosaur during the Early Cretaceous Period.It was a prey for Acrocanthosaurus.It was shown killing 2 Tenontosaurus.It is 26 feet long and weighing 2 tons.[115-93]


  • Tenontosaurus, along with an unnamed iguanodont, is the only ornithopod dinosaur to appear in the series (Although Dryosaurus makes a brief cameo in Biggest Killer Dino).
  • Due the discovery of Kulindadromeous of China. Tenontosaurus should have quills on its back, as many ornithopods should have some form of feathers.
  • Tenontosaurus had a lump on its nose, something it lacked in real life. However, Altirhinus, another species of iguanodont, had this.

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